January 2020, status quo: refugees in the framework of Mamanet Austria

Since the beginning of 2016, the international sports movement Mamanet has been successfully active in Austria.One or more weekly exercise units are used as a tool for networking, changing lifestyles and role models, as well as for integration and inclusion.

Sport is not accessible to all women. Financial and/or family conditions or even religious backgrounds restrict mothers in sports activities. Especially women with refugee history are...

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The Third International Crown Tournament

Mamanet's largest Tournament is on it's way for the third time. February 5-7,2020

After a fascinating tournament and challenging matches of the 34 teams from israel and one team from Italy and Austria, we have two wining teams.Congratulations to...

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“I am aware” Tournament was held in Mamanet Cyprus for the 3rd time

“We  all play in the court but don't play with our lives"This is the slogan of the "I am aware" tournament we held in Limassol with the Mamanet Cyprus teams. To bring the awareness that early detection saves lives! Go and get checked today. If you want to be a good friend... book an appointment for your friends as well, that's what we do ❤.

In addition to marvelous games between Larnaca, Pyla, Nicosia, Limassol A and Limassol B we also had the honor of hearing the brave story of Lia...

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MAMANET magic inspires Cape Town community

When Mamanet member and paediatrician, Dr Miriam Herman reached out to Bnoth Zion WIZO in Cape Town, she quickly understood the power of the Cape Town community.

At a wonderful presentation hosted by WIZO and its members, Mamanet founder and Chairwoman, Ofra Abramowitz and Dr Herman spoke to a keen audience, including Marc...

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Mamanet Leagues Around The World

Mamanet Israel Nigeria Cyprus India Singapore Mexico USA - Los Angeles USA - San Diego USA - New Jersey USA - Washington DC USA - New York USA - Boston USA - Portland USA - Columbus Ohio Canada Italy Latvia Austria Switzerland - Zurich Germany London Cape Town Sydney Australia New Zealand Finland
טורניר גם אני מודעת 2019 - הסרטון
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Media Coverage

israel360 Podcast with Mamanet | israel360, 30/9/2020
In a League of their ownOn this week's episode we chat with Karin Ines, CEO and Ofra Abramovitch founder of Mamanet, an Israeli cachibol league specifically for mothers. We learn the league's origin story, discuss the benefits of sport, and examine the social impact made when mothers take to the field....

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Podcast - In a League of their own | israel360, 10/6/2019
פודקאסט עם מייסדת מאמאנט עופרה אברמוביץ' ומנכ"ל מאמאנט קארין אינס על איך הוקמה ליגת מאמאנט, יתרונות הספורט וגם ההשפעה החברתית על חייהן של האימהות לאחר שהן מצטרפות למאמאנט.

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Moms Spike the Ball Playing Mamanet | Jewish Journal, 5/6/2019
“We want to promote exercise and fitness and sport to all the mothers.” — Galit Peled

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Mamanet Cyprus live in the morning show! | AlphaCyprus, 15/5/2019
The TV channel "Alpha Cyprus" arrived for an interview with the trainer and one of the players. During the interview, Danai, one of the players, told that joining Mamanet changed her life 🙂מאמאנט קפריסין בשידור חי בתוכנית הבוקר!ערוץ הטלוויזיה "אלפא קפריסין" הגיעו לראיין את המאמן ואת אחת השחקניות.ולראות מה זה מאמאנט...

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נשות מאמאנט כובשות את LA | We are in America, 10/5/2019
What a great season 🔥👊👌Can’t wait already for what the future will bring us🙏🙏Thank you “we are in America“ for a wonderful article

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