Mamanet – Every mother can

Our Vision

Mamanet impacts the social status of women as well as their self-secure image

Our vision is that wherever there are mothers - there will be a Mamanet league, which will enhance sportive life for many families as well as contribute to building healthy and strong communities.

This allows the mother to serve as a role-model for good sportsmanship, dedication to a team, and commitment to physical exercise. Mothers teach their children to experience sports, and good sportsmanship as a way of life.

What the Future Holds:

Mamanet is a social, community-based sport League.
The Mamanet project is now a community enterprise model and has become a showcase for many new communities.

Our vision is to bring more women from all over the world closer to sports, to an healthy , active way of life & increase their involvement in the community. Mamanet offers this amazing combination.

"Mamanet: Any mother can!"

Mamanet Tel Aviv Hosts Kids from South During Operation Protective Edge, Courtesy of Keren Hayesod


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