Mamanet Fundamentals

Physical Activity & Health Awareness
Many busy working mothers find it difficult to participate in a sports activity.   The group aspect of the league, and the fact that the participants are part of a team provide motivation for the busy mothers to join the league.

Social Networking
The nature of a team means working together, meeting once or twice a week for practices and games, and of course meeting new people from your community who have a similar love for sport.  Because the league is associated with the school in which the child is enrolled, there is a common ground between the mothers, the kids and the school community.

Mother-Child Relationship
Instead of being the “soccer mom” who drives her children to practice and cheers them on by the sidelines, the mother becomes the “star” of the game, and the children become her fans!   This allows the mother to serve as a role-model for good sportsmanship, dedication to a team, and commitment to physical exercise.

Educational aspect:
The common denominator of each group is their school.  Mamanet teams are school-specific, meaning that each mother belongs to her children’s school team.   The children are their mother’s biggest fans, and come to cheer – not jeer!   In fact, boos, or other non-sportsmanlike activity on the part of the children is discouraged, and can even cost the team in points.  Mothers teach their children to experience sports, and good sportsmanship as a way of life.

School Pride:
The team’s uniforms are imprinted with the children’s school name and logo.  In effect, the mother becomes a representative of her children’s school, thus engaging her commitment to the school, and her children.  In several cities in Israel, including the pilot city of Kfar Saba, the Mamanet league has led to the successful integration of intramural volleyball activities and teams, starting in 1st and 2nd grade.  This was a direct result of the demand created by the children of the Mamanet League.

Community aspect:
League members feel pride to be part of a unique, city-wide sports league, with the weekly games being published in local papers, and their children attending the games.  In addition, the Mamanet League has taken on community initiatives such as “adopting” children from a local boarding school for underprivileged youth.  Mamanet families take in the students for weekends, and holidays, bring them to organized activities and outings such as bowling, movies or pizza parties. In addition, the league holds a yearly fund-raising party where artists, musicians and famous guest perform, with all proceeds going to the boarding school.

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