The Game

Cachibol is a team ball game based on the rules of volleyball and takes place on a plot identical to that of Volleyball (9x18 m) with a fundamental difference – in mamanet  the players must catch the ball  and not just hit. This allows mother -players of all ages with little or no background in team sport to be able to participate.

Each team consists of up to 14 players, 1 coach and who meet once a week for team practice and once a week  for league game.

The game has rules & regulations that can be found in Mamanet website, The Season starts & ends with the school year.

The Mamanet leagues offers:
National leagues –  Team is based on school or kindergarten groups. Open to all mothers and women over 30. No need to have previous experience. No traveling needed

Premium league –   Offers to players who would like to participate in a higher level of game. Players can join from any team nationally. Previous experience required.

Golden league – for women over 65 years old.

Kidnet – children’s league for the kids of “mamanet mothers”

Abanet - Tournament for husbands of  Mamanet's players

Tournaments & Seminars

  1. Mamanet champion league - National Tournament is held once a year at the end of the season –July.
    All champion teams of each municipality Teams from all over the country participate to determine who is the national mamanet champion of the year is
  2. Regional Tournaments are held throughout the year  – for teams that want to
  3. National Family Mamanet Olympics – Once a year all Mamanet families are invited to a long weekend of Mamanet with activities for the whole family.
  4. Yearly International Seminar – held once a year in Israel & abroad Offering an introduction seminar as well as a professional seminar.
  5. International Tournaments – are held two times a year. Local teams are welcome to join
  6. Sportiada - The Sportiada is Israel's Largest and most significant sport for all events the Major sport event of the workplaces leagues holding by HAPOEL. Mamanet participates every year.
  7. Training camps

  • Office: +972 3-637-3437