Come and join Mamanet - the league for moms - Mamanet Singapore

In Mamanet, mothers of students in participating schools represent their children’s schools with sportsmanship and pride!!!

Personal Example For Our Children
Each team consists of 8-12 women, who meet weekly for a team practice and then compete against each other during the Mamanet League Season, which runs during the school year.
Mamanet - is intended to demonstrate school pride, good sportsmanship, friendly and professional competition, and positive physical activity. All this serves as a personal example for our children, who attend the games cheerfully!!!

Loves the spirit of sport
The activity is intended for anyone who loves the spirit of sport. This is a wonderful opportunity for physical activity ,coordination as an enjoyable social game.
In this game there is no need for prior knowledge or special athletic ability. Every woman can play!!!

Community volunteer work
The Mamanet League is also a starting point for community volunteer work. Both the mothers and the children have participated in many group volunteer activities which strengthen the community.

The “catch” is in the catch!!
The game is a competitive game similar to volleyball. The “catch” is in the catch!!
Similar to volleyball, but in Mamanet the players must catch the ball before passing it. This allows players of all ages with little or no background in team sports to be able to participate.

Mamanet around the world
The game: The game is known globally as “cachibol” in South American ,”Newcomb” in the USA and Canada, and as the “MAMASAN” league in Japan, where 850,000 mothers players on 75,000 teams!

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