January 2020, status quo: refugees in the framework of Mamanet Austria

Since the beginning of 2016, the international sports movement Mamanet has been successfully active in Austria.One or more weekly exercise units are used as a tool for networking, changing lifestyles and role models, as well as for integration and inclusion.

Sport is not accessible to all women. Financial and/or family conditions or even religious backgrounds restrict mothers in sports activities.
Especially women with refugee history are often taught to have no right for sports.
Therefore, women with refugee history and their children are addressed directly from Mamanet Austria.
All training sessions take place in a "protected environment" (no men allowed) directly in the refugees homes and with childcare. The women can find within the framework of Mamanet appreciation and a joyful distraction to the often difficult daily life. Through success in the team they gain self-confidence, are willing to make changes in their environment as well as to take on other role models.
Up to 20 women from different refugee groups additionally train up to 3 times a week in regular Mamanet sports groups and even play in the Mamanet Austria league competition in teams together with women from Austria.

8 women with refugee backgrounds have already completed the official Mamanet Austria coach education, which takes place once a year in cooperation with the BSPA (Bundessportakademie) at the Sport University of Vienna and train groups by themselves. So they can earn a little money and gain independence. They get their own Mamanet email addresses, bank accounts and can exchange in the Mamanet network, which also lead to a changing process in their families. The fathers take more care of the children, while the mothers play in the Mamanet league and earn money.

In addition, a positive discourse on "headscarf" has emerged. Several women took off the headscarf completely (also in public).

Mamanet Austria also supports asylum procedures for some women, who take regulary part in the Mamanet courses and include themselves positively.

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