Mamanet Spring Festival North_Abelin

Date: 21/5/2023

Mamanet Spring Festival North_Abelin, was impressive and organized, and the main thing was the great participation of actresses from the Arab society and other companies combining special songs and dances that allowed everyone to feel the special atmosphere, amazing spotty and social. Spring festival Mamant in our country Ablin.. All respect and appreciation to this more than wonderful organization that brought together several Mamant teams of our Arab community and other communities. Featured in the presence of a huge cheering audience.. The gymnastics show for the creative Ablin girls team is overshadowed, the educational atmosphere and the interaction of the players positively overwhelmed the results that gave everyone the feeling of winning the first place. Big thanks to the director of the sports department Mr. Aouni Idris for his support to encourage Mamant teams in our Arab community and organize such a special league, special thanks to the management of Mamantsivan Sivan and Riut and the center of Mamant Arab Community Soad Yassin for the great support and encouraging presence, and not to forget Avivit Shiran and Sagit Harari, coaches and coaches, co-players Rulers, Bahaa and Madiha, live... And everyone who participated, helped and encouraged to make this purposeful evening a success. Especially the teams that participated and innovated in group play. The first house is Tamra's commanders team, Royal Kafr Yassif, Ablin champions, sea challenges, Blue Bridge. Second home .. Mamant Sakhnin, Amirat Tamra, Mama Or and the golden cheering team Ablin.. GIVE AND HOLD

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