3rd Mamanet USA Cup and Clinic -SPOOKY NOOK SPORTS

May 21-24, 2020

75 Champ Blvd. Manheim, PA 17545

Date: May 21-24, 2020

Registration: On Mamanet website until March 15, 2020: Please note, registration is on a first come first served basis

Arrival: On your own
Accommodation & Food:  
The Warehouse Hotel at The Nook
75 Champ Blvd. Manheim, PA 17545
All-Inclusive package -All Meals and activities are included


  • 4 in  a room (2 queen beds): 555$ pp
  • 3 in a room (1 king bed and 1 sofa): 630$ pp
  • 2 in a room (1 king bed) subject to availability: 750$ pp

Mamanet was established in 2005 and has since spread to thousands of players across Israel and the world. The Mamanet league is the largest social – sports organization in Israel targeting moms specifically. 
It is a unique and innovative league of mothers, which combines sports, health and community involvement.
Mamanet 3rd USA Cup and Clinic is coming to Spooky nook sports Manheim, Pennsylvania.
Last Year the 2nd Mamanet USA cup was hosted in Los Angeles and was a great success. This year we choose A new venue to combine tournament and professional clinic for the entire North America Mamanet leagues. This 4-day event includes: a professional tournament, Professional Clinics, a fun party, private tour, a Gala dinner and many more exciting activities. Don’t miss this once in a lifetime experience.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Professional Committee Director - Mr. Ziv Sedbon | ziv.mamanet@gmail.com 
Mamanet Chairwoman and Founder - Mrs. Ofra Abramovich | ofraab.mamanet@gmail.com
Mamanet C.E.O - Mrs. Karin Eines | karin.mamanet@gmail.com


  • Championship will follow MAMANET Technical Instructions, Regulations and Rules of the Game.
  • Wherever not specified otherwise, matches will be held in accordance with MAMANET Rules of the Game, on a best-of-three Sets basis, comprised of: 2 sets up to 21 points with a minimum 2-point lead and a 3rd set of up to 15 points with a minimum 2-point lead.
  • Should the matches be prolonged more than estimated, the games will be shortened in either length or score, subject to the TC decision.
  • It is under each team’s responsibility to bring balls for the purpose of warm up. The time for warm up will be determined by the Tournament Manager during the competition.
  • It is under each team’s responsibility to bring their own uniform set according to the rules of the game chapter 4.3. Each team can add the following logos to their uniforms: sponsor logo and Mamanet logo. Any other logos are forbidden
  • A team shall appear on their relevant court 45 minutes prior to their match starting time. Under no circumstances will a court stand empty. Upon a completed match, all following matches will be preceded respectively for the whole pool and the teams will be responsible for getting updated with the new game times and schedule.
  • A team which will be absent 45 minutes prior to their match starting time at the Tournament reception desk, even if arrived on time for their match) will suffer a Technical Loss.
  • The TC reserves the right to change the games schedule or match starting times including the formation of Pools, even after publishing the games schedule, subject to its own discretion.
  • The TC will also function as the Appeal Committee of the tournament. An appeal will be possibly accepted only up to 15 minutes following a completed match and under no circumstances will an appeal be served after a phase has already been completed. The appeal procedure according to MAMANET Rules of the Game – A protest regarding the application or interpretation of the rules will be possible only at the end of the match and only if the Referee has been firstly informed by the Captain at the end of the relevant rally during the match.
  • Professional Crew must be registered on the MAMANET website.
  • Every player participating in the tournament shall be registered on the MAMANET website. Additionally, the player has to be registered for the tournament itself on the MAMANET website, having completed the required payment. – A player who has not completed the above conditions will not be able to participate in the tournament. A violation of any of the above terms will result in expulsion of the player from the games and a technical loss to the respective team
  • A player who has registered herself with her team shall not play in any other team(s) but her own. The registration on the website will be the sole determinant condition unless another explicit confirmation has been issued in writing by the tournament Prof. Director.

  • Info.mamanet@gmail.com
  • Office: +972 3-637-3437