2nd Mamanet Los Angeles Clinic

August 22-26, 2018. All Technical Clinic are delivered both in a classroom and on the court.

Coaches Venues:

de Toledo High School
22622 Vanowen St, West Hills, CA 91307

Players Venues:
Followed the table below

Date: August 22-26, 2018

Registration: On Mamanet website until July 15, 2018: Please note, registration is first come first serve base

Arrival: On your own
Accommodation: On your own
Food:  On your own


The Israeli Mamanet league is the largest social-sports organization that was established in Israel targeting specifically mothers.  It was established in 2005 and has since spread to thousands of players across Israel and the world.  It is a unique and innovative model, challenging the existing status of mothers\ women and combines sport, health and community involvement. Mamanet model is being adopted around the world by a wide range of women no matter what is their age, race, religion, weight or physical condition, emotional state and socioeconomic background.

Mamanet Academy is coming to L.A on order to involve Mamanet to a wider audience, to certify game Coaches, Referees & Scorers, train league Professional Coordinators, reach a wider community of mothers. and develop the international activity, through diversified courses including technical and theoretical studies During the Clinic we will focus on topics such as Professional Game Technics, League Administration, Regulations and Community Building.

Clinic objectives:

  • Improve the knowledge and competence of coaches and professional coordinators.
  • To present the most recent trends of the modern game of Mamanet.
  • To establish a unified system for training coaches, referees and administrators in all zones.
  • To enable each local Mamanet League to develop its community activities together with an internal method of training and qualifying coaches and professional team.
  • To exchange ideas and experiences.
  • To collaborate with national and international Mamanet leagues and tournaments.

Type of Seminars: 

Level II* Coaches Clinic: Basic Mamanet techniques and tactics (12 hrs.)
Players training:  Basic Mamanet techniques and tactics and tournament (10 hrs.)

* Level 2 is only for coaches that previously certified for Level 1 by Mamanet. All the rest will be certified for level 1
All Technical Clinic are delivered both in a classroom and on the court.

Professional Committee Director - Mr. Ziv Sedbon | ziv.mamanet@gmail.com 
Mamanet Chairwoman - Mrs. Ofra Abramovich | ofraab.mamanet@gmail.com
Mamanet C.E.O - Mrs. Galit Avshalom | galit.mamanet@gmail.com

  • Info.mamanet@gmail.com
  • Office: +972 3-637-3437