Mamanet läuft! Virtueller Lauf/Walk der Frauen 07.- 09.Mai 2021

Wir wollen die letzten Schritte, bis wir endlich wieder spielen können, gemeinsam tun und auch zählen! Das machen wir gemeinsam mit der ASKÖ und den SPÖ Frauen. Jede kann mitmachen, wann und wo sie möchte – ganz ohne Leistungsdruck. Der Lauf findet von 7.-9. Mai statt, die Teilnahme ist kostenlos.

Die Lauf- bzw. Nordic Walkingstrecke beträgt 2,5 km oder 5 km und der Ort kann frei gewählt werden.Raus an die frische Luft, jede Teilnehmerin ist eine...

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Mamanet in an International Tournament for a common future.

For the first time in Kfar Saba-Israel , an International Mamanet Tournament was held in collaboration with the Kfar Saba Volleyball Club, marked "Games for a Common Future".

The purpose of the Tournament was to bring together, encourage and establish interpersonal contact and cooperation between countries and cultures in Israel and around the world....

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Mamanet Green Card (Fair Play) Case Study August 2020

"The world of sports needs a fundamental change. The green card is a first step in this change. We need to respect the opponent and be a role model for others in both professional sport and sport for all!!"

Click here to read the full studyBackground The first case study in this project sponsored by the European Fair Play Movement (EFPM) to evaluate the use...

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January 2020, status quo: refugees in the framework of Mamanet Austria

Since the beginning of 2016, the international sports movement Mamanet has been successfully active in Austria.One or more weekly exercise units are used as a tool for networking, changing lifestyles and role models, as well as for integration and inclusion.

Sport is not accessible to all women. Financial and/or family conditions or even religious backgrounds restrict mothers in sports activities. Especially women with refugee history are...

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Mamanet Leagues Around The World

Mamanet Israel Nigeria Cyprus India Singapore Mexico USA - Los Angeles USA - San Diego USA - New Jersey USA - Washington DC USA - New York USA - Boston USA - Portland USA - Columbus Ohio Canada Italy Latvia Austria Switzerland - Zurich Germany London Cape Town Sydney Australia New Zealand Finland
פודקאסט חמש אצבעות - עפרה אברמוביץ׳ - האישה שיצרה מציאות חדשה
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Media Coverage

Mamanet in "Search Israel" website | Search Israel, 12/5/2021
Mamanet volleyball league is the world’s only league designed just for moms. The league was established in 2005 and today has thousands of players in over 90 cities across Israel. Their unique model is being embraced in many countries such as Austria, Italy, Greece, Cyprus & the US with more locations...

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Appreciation Certificate to Ofra Abramovich | , 10/1/2021
Appreciation Certificate for your active involvement with us as Invited Speaker during the International Webinar on Olympism and Olympic Education in the 21st Century which was held on June11-12, 2020.

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israel360 Podcast with Mamanet | israel360, 30/9/2020
In a League of their ownOn this week's episode we chat with Karin Ines, CEO and Ofra Abramovitch founder of Mamanet, an Israeli cachibol league specifically for mothers. We learn the league's origin story, discuss the benefits of sport, and examine the social impact made when mothers take to the field....

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Podcast - In a League of their own | israel360, 10/6/2019
פודקאסט עם מייסדת מאמאנט עופרה אברמוביץ' ומנכ"ל מאמאנט קארין אינס על איך הוקמה ליגת מאמאנט, יתרונות הספורט וגם ההשפעה החברתית על חייהן של האימהות לאחר שהן מצטרפות למאמאנט.

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Moms Spike the Ball Playing Mamanet | Jewish Journal, 5/6/2019
“We want to promote exercise and fitness and sport to all the mothers.” — Galit Peled

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